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We all live in increasingly automated worlds. Behind our most minute move lies The Machine. Listening. Watching. Cataloging. Oftentimes making judgement calls only humans should rightly make. Culled from a field of pure potential the choices we are fed are not the ones we would pursue. Had we been given a voice. Had we been given a say. Things would've stayed, well, things. And humans would not have been forced to evolve in ways that made them compete with equipment.


Harnessing the ever dwindling frontier between mind and matter is the main thrust of the present-day artist. Lives spent in pixels. Minds sharpened by a speed of information most classic philosophers would crumble under. Muscles trained to initiate gestures the most delicate of mechanisms won't ever replicate. Such is the power of the human machine. The exquisite refinement of limitless evolution. That last gift bestowed upon us by a weary world accelerating towards oblivion.


Alexandre Korobov once mentioned to us select few how, in his view, science fiction long became science fact. How his mind – though he is loathe to admit it – learned to appreciate details he no longer sought but felt. How his eyes became not only a organ but an instrument decomposing lines and surfaces
to their granular expression. Finding exact measures where rulers might bicker. And, finally, how that fed into his singular technique of Molecular Painting. The quest for what lies beneath simple appearances. The search for what soul remains in our machine-made surroundings. The concise summary of an emotion few can discern. Such is his experience. Few can live at such heights. Even fewer strive under such pressure.


Nowadays creation has become a realm of mental athletics. Minds and bodies trained beyond pure comprehension. Honed to discern in an instant the deep understanding only senses might provide. In a world where machines mimic thinking. Where decisions are made on purely mathematical grounds. Creation remains the sacred act only humans can lay claim to. Some would even say that seeing such beauty... is the apex of the human experience.

Arthur Meurant

Alexandre Korobov, visual artist & illustrator, creates illustrations full of colours, saturated, photo-realistic, at times acid and ironical, the obsessions of the time finding their way into his work. He also seeks to revisit illustration techniques of the past by using a mix of electric processing, pencils and overlay inks.


Alexandre Korobov graduated from ENSA Dijon and LISAA Paris.

He frequently travels to Saint-Petersburg. 

Past clients include :

Armani, Emporio Armani, WWD, Stones Throw Records, Warner

Music, Parlophone, Flaunt Magazine, Pierre-Louis Mascia, TEPR,

Indie Magazine, Boysnoize Records, Le Creative Sweatshop,

Le Bonbon Nuit, Model Law, Farfetch UK & Brazil, 7 Hollywood Magazine, Global Blue, Snatch Magazine, Citizen K, Beauty Inc, Malibu Magazine. 

© Alexandre Korobov 2022

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